Sunday intercessory prayer begins promptly at 11:15am and our Sunday worship service starts at 11:30am. Our service usually lasts for two hours. Praise and worship lasts for approximately 30 minutes, followed by selections from our choir or dance team, then a relevant message from one of our Pastors or ministers. Our mid-week Bible Study starts with intercessory prayer and a congressional at 7:30. Teaching begins promptly at 7:45pm. Our mid-week service lasts about an hour; however, additional time may be given to allow for discussion and questions. Though we strive to stay on schedule, we always allow time for God to have His way.

Service Attire

SVOP adopts the "come as you are," method of attire; however, our members do dress up most Sundays. Every first Sunday, we take communion and all clergy are dressed in black and white and occasionally civic attire. Every last Sunday is our "Dress Down" Sunday when most of our members will be in jeans. Those attending service throughout the week typically dress in a relaxed or casual manner.


SVOP tucked in a community right off of Gresham Rd. SE. Once you make a left onto Zane Grey Dr SE, it'll be easy to spot those red stairs. If you're getting off of the Gresham Rd. exit going 20 Eastbound, you will make a left onto Gresham Rd and then another left on onto Zane Grey Dr. SE. 2857 Zane Grey Dr. SE will be down a hill on your right.

Parking Instructions

parking copy.png

We have an accessible parking lot right in front of the church. Should there be any reason for you to park in overflow sections, please look out for our parking attendants that will be near by as you make your way down the hill towards the building.

Upon Entrance

Once you walk up those red steps, you’ll be greeted by some warm and friendly people who can’t wait to love on you. We call them our gatekeepers. Our gatekeepers will answer any question you may have as well as direct you to a seat in the sanctuary. If you have kids and you would like to sit them in the kids section, let our gatekeepers know and they will gladly seat them as well. If your child/children are shy, feel free to sit them by you.

Service Expectations

SVOP loves to participate in Praise and Worship! When you walk through our doors, you may possibly see us doing that as freely as we know how. We dance, sing, cry, shout and every other way you can think of to show praises to our God. We are very Holy Ghost led in our services and there may be times where the choir does not sing and/or the pastor may not preach due to the Lord’s agenda. We understand many people come to church with an expectation so we have ministers available for you as long as you may need them after service and they will pray with you about anything you need. 

Youth & Children's Church

If you have kids that are of kindergarten age and older, then your children are welcome to join the youth and children’s class. We allow all children to participate in Praise and Worship and choir selections and then release them to class as the choir is finishing their last song. If you wish to keep them with you, feel free to do that as well. If you would like for your children to participate in classes, please let our gatekeepers know upon arrival so they can notify your children when it is time to leave. The children will return to the service prior to dismissal so you will not have to pick up your child up from class.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Love God; Love Others; Serve the World! If you’d like to know more about our mission, CLICK HERE.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a community of authority and strength that sets the example of true “Christ-like” gospel, a gospel of loving and caring for people from all walks of life and dispatch them to be examples to the nations. If you’d like to know more about our vision, CLICK HERE.

Ministry Involvement

At SVOP, we love to be connected to our members. We are truly a family and we become so close by working in ministry together. We have many options for you to get involved. For a hobby or passion you may have, we have a ministry for you. We would love for you to to be a part so we can continue to build the Kingdom together! For a list of ministries and contacts, click HERE. If you would like to get to know our leaders, check out our Leadership Page by clicking HERE.

Upcoming Events

SVOP is a church on the move. Between at home Bible Studies, outreach events, youth events, pastoral engagements and many more, we can have a lot going on at one time. To find out what SVOP has coming up, visit our ‘Now At SVOP’ page by clicking HERE.

Additional Questions

Still have questions about SVOP? We have people who can help. If you are in service and have any questions, feel free to ask! We will be available for you at the front doors, altar or fellowship hall - wherever you feel most comfortable. Ask for any member of the New Members & Visitors Ministry. If you have already visited and you still have questions, e-mail us as

Contact Us

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Should you need to contact us for any other reason, feel free to e-mail us or call us! Of course if you’d like to talk in person, stop by for a visit during one of our service times. Our e-mail is and our phone number is 678-948-7867. If you’re planning to stop by, our address is 2857 Zane Grey Drive SE Atlanta, GA 30316. We can’t wait to see you!